The Ukuqonda Institute

The vision of the Ukuqonda Institute is to promote excellence in the field of mathematics, physical science and technology education at all education levels in southern Africa.

The Ukuqonda Institute currently intervenes with groups of Mathematics, Physical Science, Technology educators and learners in high schools and primary schools in rural and semi-rural areas of the Northwest, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces.

In these interventions, educators are engaged in the following activities.

  • Mathematics, Physical Science and Technology workshops, with a view to promote teachers’ own subject knowledge and proficiency, and the richness and depth of their views on an appreciation of especially Mathematics and Physical Science.
  • Pedagogy workshops, where teachers are trained to present specific topics in specific ways during vacation schools for learners.
  • Presentation of 2½ day mathematics and physical science workshops to learners during vacation schools, using innovative materials and approaches.
  • Diagnostic assessment of learners.
  • Seminars addressing theoretical aspects of mathematics and physical science education.


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